Hi there!  Thanks for stopping by red lips, won't quit!  My name is Jill and I currently live in Buffalo, NY with my wonderful partner, Neil, and our pit bull Bailey!  I'm a full time microbiologist and a full time fashion fanatic!  I've just recently graduated from grad school (for the second time!) and I want to document my journey to build my ideal wardrobe now that I'm out of school and into the professional world, because I think a lot of women can relate to that. I started this blog in Novemember, 2013 as my creative outlet to discuss the things that I love including fashion, clothes, shoes, interior design, travel, or anything else that strikes my fancy!

I love reading comments and receiving emails from readers so you can always comment on the blog or email me at redlipswontquit[at]gmail[dot]com!!

Hope to see you around the web :)

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