Monday, September 22, 2014

Fall Color Palette

Happy first day of FALL! Guess what? I didn't drop off the face of the planet! After a 2 month hiatus, I'm back!  I guess I was just feeling really uninspired in the second half of summer and I just could not find the motivation to post anything.  Does that ever happen to you? 

Anyway ... I could not be more excited for F-A-L-L {my absolute favorite season, weather, fashion}.  I think this change in weather and a whole new wardrobe inspiration is just the ticket I needed to get re-inspired.  

Speaking of inspiration -- I've really loved following Caroline of Un-Fancy and Kate of Small Things Blog as they build their wardrobe capsule collections for each season.  Basically the gist is that you plan out your color palette and most needed pieces {all within your budget} for the upcoming season and then shop until you've created your capsule wardrobe for that season {building off of what you already own in your closet}.  While I don't think my budget would allow me to go out and buy every single piece I need for the season up front, I do really agree with creating a color palette and then sticking to it for the season.  I can already tell you that having a palette in mind makes shopping so much easier, like when I'm debating between a camel or a grey colored coat, I just remember what my color palette is and scoop up the grey one! 

I picked 6 colors for Fall {and probably the same 6 colors for Winter too}.  Three neutral colors that will be great for basics I'm buying/using from my closet {black, cream, and grey}.  And then three pops of color {navy, khaki, and berry}.  I tend to veer towards cool colors to begin with, which explains why I nixed any warm toned colors like camel, mustard, or burnt orange/reds, which are great colors for Fall, just not me.  I'm so excited to start shopping for Fall within this color palette! Hopefully these colors will really complement each other and I can do some real mix and matching with pieces I buy.

What does your Fall Color Palette look like? :)

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