Thursday, May 15, 2014

Top Ten Trends of Summer {No. 4 Mules}

The mule sandal is my pick for Summer Trend No. 4 {see No. 1-3 here}.  I was a bit turned off by this one in  the beginning cause it brought back bad memories of those big black clunky slip on sandals from my high school days-- you know the ones.  But then I was at DSW at the mall the other weekend and tried on these Charles David ones and actually liked them quite a bit.  Thinking about ordering them actually.  

Anyway ... below you'll find the works - inspo pics, a roundup of my picks, and a few outfits I put together ...

Try pairing mules with another Summer trend -- the overall!!

Outfit No. 1 {Retro vibe}

Outfit No. 2 {Head to Toe Pink}

Outfit No. 3 {Black and blue}

Outfit No. 4 {All black or all white}

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