Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Top 10 Summer Trends To Try {No. 1 Overalls}

Over the next couple weeks we're going to be talking about my favorite/most anticipated Top 10 Trends To Try this Summer.  I thought we'd kick it off with my favorite trend right now -- the overall.

The overall is back!  I used to love wearing overalls as a kid and I'm personally really excited that this trend is back.  I've been curious about this trend ever since watching an episode of New Girl last season and Zooey was rocking a really cute pair of dark wash short overalls.  But I held out and waited to see if the trend had any staying power and when they popped back up again this spring I took the plunge and bought my own pair (from American Eagle, sadly they're sold out, but you can buy the short version here).  See how I wore my overalls for the first time on my instagram!

But seriously, nobody pulls off an overall better sexier than Elisabeth Moss.  I mean - can she do no wrong? 

But if you still need more proof that you can pull off an overall without looking like a farm hand here you go-- spotted on celebrities and fashion bloggers alike.

See? Cute right?! 
So where can you get your hands on a pair and how should you style them?

Here are some of my favorites...

Denim Shortalls

Denim Overalls
ASOS Distressed overalls {$85} --> my personal favorite
Nasty Gal overalls {$55, on sale}

Other Styles

Outfit 1: Running Errands

Outfit 2: Black & White

Outfit 3: Super Casual

Outfit 4: For Adventurous Girls ...

Outfit 5: A Plain White Tee

So what do you guys think? Will you be trying this trend for summer?
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  1. I love that overalls are coming back into style, they are so fun! What a great collection of outfit ideas you have created, I think number 3 is my favorite!

  2. I'm so inspired by all of these looks, I'm just not sure I'm cool enough to pull them off! haha

    The Style Scribe


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