Wednesday, June 4, 2014

May Shopping Breakdown

I'm back! A few days late ... but here's my Monthly Shopping Breakdown for May 2014.

One of the goals of writing this blog is to document my pursuit for a more tailored, professional, and versatile wardrobe and to stay away from the trendy or cheap pieces that filled my closet in my early 20's.  I've set a budget of $250 for clothes, shoes, and makeup every month, but not a limit to the number of pieces I can buy.  By sharing what I buy every month, I'm hoping I hold myself accountable to the pieces I buy and how much I spend ...

J.Crew Perfect Linen Shirt {$79, 25% off- $59.62}
J.Crew tunic {$50, 50% off- $25}
Anthropologie midi tee {$68, clearance- $19.95}
J.Crew Factory pink sweater {$62, sale- $34.65}
J.Crew Factory boyfriend sweater {$59.50, sale- $27.65}
Gap shorts {$50, 30% off- $35}
Ray-ban clubmasters {$150, Birthday gift- FREE}
New Balance sneakers {$114, Birthday gift- FREE}

Total Spent: $201.87
Total Saved: $430.63

Well I definitely bought a lot of tops this month-- and surprisingly mostly long sleeved ones?  Hmm ... I guess I wasn't quite feeling summer yet.  I will say that if you're looking for a breathable linen shirt for summer then I would highly recommend the J.Crew Perfect Linen Shirt-- I've worn it several times this month including in Texas heat {more on that later} and wasn't too hot at all.  I paired it with my new Gap cut offs and it was a perfect laid back summer look.  P.S. if you're in the market for denim shorts at a great price Gap has some amazing options this season!

Clearly- the best part about May is that it's my birthday ;)   which is how I scored the new balance sneakers and the Ray-bans as gifts last month!!  I wear the sneakers for walks around the neighborhood with the pup or for walks to get frozen yogurt, which I suspect will be happening a lot this summer.  They're super comfortable and look great with jeans or cut offs-- perfect for weekend running around!  And my new Ray-bans are the pair I grab on the way out the door almost everyday now.  :)  

I guess we should talk about budget too-- I'll just pat myself on the back right now for not only coming in well under budget  this month, but also getting so many great pieces for well under budget! Go me!  I definitely saved more than I spent this month, and part of the reason for this is because I knew I was going on vacation to Austin in May so I would have to keep my shopping budget to a minimum.  I think it's well worth the trade off -- I would choose travel over clothes shopping any day.  Who's with me?

So, what did you guys buy last month?  Did you stick to your budgets?? :)

Happing shopping!

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  1. You always do so well, and I love seeing what you end up with! I hope that you have a blast in Austin :)

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass


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