Thursday, March 6, 2014

February Shopping Breakdown

I'm going to start trying something new on the blog-- a monthly report of what I've bought in relation to clothes, shoes, or makeup and the budget breakdown.  Might seem like too much info for some people, but I personally am fine with it and think it's a good way to hold myself accountable.  I got this great idea from Jill {Jill's always have the best ideas!} from Good Life For Less Blog...

One of the goals of writing this blog is to document my pursuit for a more tailored, professional, and versatile wardrobe and to stay away from the trendy or cheap pieces that filled my closet in my early 20's.  By sharing what I buy every month I'm hoping I hold myself accountable to the pieces I buy and how much I spend.

A few days late, but below is what I bought in the month of February 2014.

J.Crew Dean Boots {$269, 40% off $162}
Gap Legging Jeans {$70, 30% off $49}
Gap Luxlight Sweater {$40, 30% off $28}
Marais Sailor Wedges {$175, clearance for $30}
Stila Liquid Lipstick in Beso {$22}
J.Crew Tortoise Clutch {$149, gift for v-day FREE}

Total Spent: $291
Total Saved: $434

Whoa- $291 is kind of a lot of money to spend (at least for me it is) on my wardrobe in one month!  A big chunk of the budget went to those leather riding boots and I realize they're an investment, but I really needed a pair of riding boots that will last me for years to come-- and they were on such a good sale!

I've never actually written down what I spend on clothes and I didn't realize I spent this much money last month until I wrote it all down, but kudos for me for saving more than I spent last month! ;)  I'm happy with all the pieces I bought and think they're all staples in my wardrobe.  I've worn these Gap jeans almost every single day since I bought them and I've been without riding boots for a couple years and can't believe how much I've worn them since getting them.  The tortoise clutch was on my wish list since Christmas and my boyfriend gave it to me as a Valentine's gift -- it's such timeless piece!

For March I'm thinking about waiting for another sale at Gap and getting another pair of legging jeans in another rinse and the sweater in black or grey -- since I wear them both all the time it's good to have multiples of something you love and wear all the time.  

So .. what do you guys think? Do you keep track of how much you spend on your wardrobe each month?  I'd love to hear!!


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