Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March Shopping Breakdown

One of the goals of writing this blog is to document my pursuit for a more tailored, professional, and versatile wardrobe and to stay away from the trendy or cheap pieces that filled my closet in my early 20s.  By sharing what I buy every month, I'm hoping I hold myself accountable to the pieces I buy and how much I spend ...

Here's what I bought for the month of March {2014}

J.Crew Downtown Field Jacket {$148, 25% off $111}
American Apparel Unisex Hoodie {$48, 30% off $34}

Total Spent: $205
Total Saved: $78

Just four pieces? Yup, wow.  But I realllly love all the pieces I bought and I think I bought just the right amount.  Plus, since I'm shooting for under $250 every month spent on clothes, makeup, shoes, etc. I came in under budget this month -- last month I overshot the budget a bit, so I guess it all evens out!  Those Free People mirrored aviators are definitely trendy, but I love that I only spent under $20 on them, when the Ray Ban Mirrored Aviators go for almost ten times that amount!  Now I won't feel bad if after a season or two I want to donate them because the mirrored trend is O-V-E-R.  I suggest you pick up a pair-- they also come in a red/orange mirrored lens!  

Also- I'm making progress on my Top 10 Spring Staples Wishlist!  Did you notice that the Field Jacket and the light wash skinnies were both on my Spring Staple Wishlist and I purchased them this month!  So I can check those two items off my list! 

I'm excited for upcoming April shopping because now the weather is finally turning around and will hopefully remain in the 50's and 60's like it has been.  You know what that means -- spring dresses, shorts, and maybe even a pair of sandals!!

What did you guys buy this month?? :)

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  1. I just got a pair of boyfriend jeans from the Gap using the 40% off sale, and it's such a deal! I've already worn them several times- It was a wonderful purchase! Great blog!

  2. Loving those aviators and jeans!!
    xo TJ


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