Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Bring it on Spring!

In preparation for better weather just around the corner (wishful thinking) I put together an outfit for spring!  Spring can't be that far off can it?  I mean it's above freezing today so miracles do happen!

I would tuck the blouse into the high-waisted trousers and pull my hair back into a casual french twist (like this) for a look that's appropriate for work.  The low heel on the Coach sandals make them comfortable and wearable all day and the blue-striped trench is practical yet chic for the cool and wet weather of spring (and the sunglasses are wishful thinking for sunshine!) ...

Sister Jane Blouse // Sister Jane Trousers // Gap Trench // Anthropologie sunglasses // Coach Pexton sandals

Think warm thoughts!

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  1. those shoes are perfection! what a cute outfit.


  2. love that powdery blue color of the trench! x

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